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High Quality.
Excellent Customer Service.
​Bursting Creativity.
Custom Arts Studio is committed to creating artwork and curating events that are expressive, high-quality & empowering. Whether a T-shirt design, open mic or workshop, Custom Arts Studio Makes Everything Beautiful.

From the Founder: "I am going to make everything around me beautiful - that will be my life." This quote, by Elise de Wolfe, resonates with me on a very visceral level. When I think about my work, and the various forms it takes, this quote expresses my life’s mission- to make everything around me beautiful- and hence the birth of the “I Make Everything Beautiful” movement.  It has become a mantra, of sorts, spurring me on to express my creativity, spirit and love of all things business & marketing through my gifts… always with the intention to Make Everything Beautiful. Will you join me on this journey?  
- Keisha "I Make Everything Beautiful" Whatley

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