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CryptoChip, the world’s first and only platform that converts Bitcoin to 5-star hotel casino chips (“CryptoChipping”). We are also the first ever “” for free casino trips (“Junkets”). Use the CryptoChip Coin ("CRC") in real land-based casinos as a preferred cryptocurrency.


What is the CryptoChip Project?

As 60% of all global Bitcoin transactions are gambling-related, CryptoChip is not just the world’s first and only platform that converts Bitcoin to real land-based casino chips and vice versa (“CryptoChipping”) but is also the first ever “” for free casino trips (“Junkets”). 

We are opening up a new entertainment and leisure category in the decentralised economy. CryptoChip is creating the missing link between the old and the new economy for casino and poker players.

Convert the CRC coin to real land-based casino chips as a preferred cryptocurrency.
Convert other cryptocurrencies to land-based casino chips and collect your winnings in Bitcoin.
Book a free casino Junket holiday (free flight & hotel room) with a click of a button.
Hold the CRC coin for a chance to participate and win the CryptoChip Poker Tournaments Club monthly prize.

What problems is CryptoChip Solving?

- Players’ Problems

1) Players have no option to buy chips using Bitcoin in land-based casinos and real-life Poker Tournaments. 
2) Players have no access to instantly search, book and secure online free casino trips (Junkets). 
3) A booking process with a Junket agent is offline, long and complicated. There is no privacy during the booking process or during the trip. Players have limited choices of destinations and dates.

- Casinos’ Problems

1) Don't have the knowledge and “know-how” to accept/pay cryptocurrency.
2) Depending on a high number of Junket agents from different countries because they don't have access to a global platform of players. 
3) Sometimes casinos are losing money on players who are not following their “House Rules” as they do not have access to a global Junket players blacklist.

CryptoChip’s Solution

CryptoChip is the for free Junket trips and casino cryptocurrency exchange. CryptoChip operates as a booking platform and transaction facilitator between 5-star casinos and players who are looking for a free VIP casino holiday abroad. CryptoChip provides the general public of players access to a well-kept secret that has been controlled by a closed circle of the old Junket industry for decades. 

CryptoChip provides a solution for buying real land-based casino chips with Bitcoin. The platform will accept other main cryptocurrencies by implementing a “Shapeshift” converter. CryptoChip’s unique value proposition combines the Gambling, TravelTech & Cryptocurrency Exchange industries. 

The first and only 5-star hotels casino cryptocurrency.


We are democratising the Junket industry.


You are invited to join us.

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