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CrowdfundingCampuses + Phabriq Development + The Soho Loft

Phabriq Development is a branding agency/venture catalyst which, for over 15 years, has designed and implemented advanced marketing and business development strategies for clients and partners across numerous industries. This symposium/conference event is presented by Phabriq and CrowdfundingCampuses with the generous support of The Soho Loft Capital Creation Events Series.

CrowdfundingCampuses fuels growth at leading institutions by facilitating education symposiums highlighting best practices and bringing awareness to the Crowdfunding strategies needed to affect immediate change in vital programs from curriculum development to internships and for alumni/mentor/angel support of student ventures and school initiatives. 

Providing knowledge and access to the next wave of tools bringing innovation and efficacy back to the American education community, Phabriq and CrowdfundingCampuses will be presenting a nationwide series of evolving industry showcase events and curriculum planning workshops for associated colleges.

This collaborative effort was made possible by introductions from pioneering international trade organization The Crowdfunding Professional Association, whose founders and members have gained international recognition by sharing the strategies and building the consensus necessary for successful systemwide adoption.

The Soho Loft Capital Creation Events is a global event platform that strives to promote and advance strategic mainstream and alternative investing for start-up entrpreneurs and small-to-medium sized enterprises.

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