CREMA, Coffee Roasters

There’s so much to love and learn about coffee but it can be difficult to know where to start. In light of that, we’ve designed a new coffee curriculum to help guide you through the fascinating and expansive world of coffee!

We offer coffee classes on Wednesday, Friday & Saturday and have a variety of topics and class lengths to suit your needs & interests. Some classes are offered monthly while others are seasonal and still more are offered as pop-up classes the day of, so be sure to check regularly to see what’s new on the schedule!


30 Minute Mini Classes: 

Arabica vs Robusta
How to Read Coffee Bag Labels
Immersion Methods
Pour Overs
Processing Methods
Specialty vs. Commodity
Tea Varietals & Brewing

60 Minute Classs:

Coffee Basics: Seed to Cup*
Coffee & Chocolate: History and Origins
Espresso Basics*
Home Brew Methods 
Milk Fundamentals: Science & Steam
Roasting: History & Science

90 Minute Classes:

Cupping: Taste & Evaluation*
Palate Development

180 Minute Classes:

Drink Making
Latte Art


*offered monthly


Sorry, there are no upcoming events