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Creekers Foundation

We are a group who Empower and Inspire each other to be our best selves. We respect and support each other's purpose in life and help each other to fulfill it. We are survivors who are willing to stand up and make a difference for ourselves, our children, and future Generations.


Girlfriend’s Club: Women inspiring each other to be who they are by empowering each other to grow to be the best version of ourselves.  By leading, inspiring and working together, we support each other’s decisions, creating a positive impact on future generations of daughters and sons.  We are women who are willing to stand and made a difference for ourselves, our children and future generations. 

Brave Youth: Social club and support center dedicated to supporting youth discover a path to lift their lives above expectations and discover the power they have within themselves and design personal paths to success.  Brave Youth summer camp program is designed to teach healthy self-esteem and learning how to make better life choices. 

GEMS Mentoring: A private peer to peer support program connecting with and receiving support from those who have found freedom leaving suppressed lifestyles.  The GEMS Mentoring programs provides resource referrals and support for independent living. 

Evolve: Empowering women to lift their communities out of poverty and separation, while protecting the interests of their children.
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