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Hi there! I’m Mary, CEO & Founder of Creative Brain Academy. Let me tell you a little about me and why I think Creative Brain Academy has a very important mission in the world. 
Home, sweet home 
In a place where I come from, a small village in Poland, many times, I have heard criticism of my ambitions. It was sometimes even labelled ‘inappropriate’ that I wanted to run a company or one day become a CEO of a multinational corporation. I was supposed to be an English business communication teacher, yes, that’s how I started, get married at the age of 18 and stick to my husband forever and ever. And travelling? Forget it. But I was just 16, and I was, still am, a dreamer! I wanted to conquer the world. The sentence that hurt me the most was my dad going: ‘Come down on Earth you’ll never succeed in studying abroad.’. 
So, I moved out. And here I am, graduate of International Business and Management program in the Netherlands with a major in Asian Business Studies. A Certified Leadership Coach with coaching education completed in UK, Malaysia and Singapore, finalist of ‘CEO for 1 month’ competition run by Addeco Group, a multinational organisation active within HR sector and a participant of Global Female Leaders Conference in Berlin, yearly get-together of most amazing women in top-management positions from all over the world. 
I have always wanted to help people like me, and I’m not referring to girls from small villages but women that every day climb to the top of possibilities and go through this wall of presumptions that ‘you can’t do it.’ I sometimes had 2 jobs, in addition to my full-time studies so I could sustain myself. I roller-skated 23km one-way to work at nights as I could not afford a bus ticket. I wanted to stop many times, but my dreams kept me fighting. 
Finding the purpose 
So I decided. I want to devote my life to support women in leadership positions and ones that aspire to get there, whether you are at the very start of your leadership career - opening a business, just graduated, or at the very top - sitting on the board, performing as CEO. So the question remained how to do that most effectively (I’m a bit of a perfectionist). 
When I discovered coaching first in London, I remember that feeling, that spark. I remember thinking to myself: I have found my place in the world. You might have heard of coaching before, and if not, I am confident you’d see that amazing potential it offers. Being a business communication teacher, I have always thought my communication skills were rather well-developed. Yet, after attending the coaching certification program... My God, it has absolutely transformed the way I relate to people, the way I listen, the way I am present. We all meet our walls. The thing is, I want to use coaching as a bulldozer that will not only help you overcome the wall but actually make the wall disappear forever. 
Why women? You’d ask. 
I get this question a lot. Well, there are 3 main reasons. Starting from the fact that I am a woman. I’ve personally experienced the inequalities in the business world. My story - all the difficulties and all the fights I had to put, not with others but mainly with myself in my head, these are the things that set the foundation for my mission to support women in leadership. Last but definitely not least, the science suggests we, women, develop our prefrontal cortex functions differently than men. Don’t get me wrong here, it’s not better or worse, I’m not a feminist, from a scientific point of view our brains are just different. 
Neuroscience is a fairly young discipline, and it’s only recently that we’ve developed positive psychology or cognitive sciences. All of which show us the differences in the thinking process of men and women. In the study aiming at defining the executive presence, one of the most desired leadership skills, carried among leaders (both men and women) in multinational organisations identified altogether 15 key factors that influence its development. We, women, due to our way of processing information, predispositions, way we develop prefrontal cortex’ executive functions, we, perform better in 7 while men only in 1 (the rest of factors remain equal for both genders). 
Now, imagine the world where for decades all talent development programs and growth programs were created with man in mind. We’ve got to change that! 
Do we discriminate against men? 
Hell no. 
We need them as much as they need us. I actually started with coaching men, believe it or not. Creative Brain Academy strives to co-create the future where inequality in a workspace is non-existent. That is why we need to work on both fronts. We just employ different methods. 
Our coaching is designed to support women in maximising their potential, yet we also offer on-site and online training and workshops for both women and men to educate the business world and help facilitate this process of empowering women. Our mixed team coaching is engineered to improve the effectiveness of team communication, support building trust and momentum to have a safe space (for both genders) to thrive. 
Make it flexible 
It’s my priority to create a tool that does not add burden to your, I’m sure, already overbooked agenda. That’s why the majority of our coaching and training happens online. You can schedule a call with the coach online, meet her online and keep in touch ONLINE. :) 
Regardless of the place you live in, without lengthy commutes, with scheduling simplicity, you are now able to grow professionally with Creative Brain Academy. 
We take pride in being able to create a real-like space using video conference software. The best proof is that with some of our long-term clients we haven’t met once! That also allows us to be a born-global startup where, same as in today’s world of interconnectivity, we use technology as an enabler. 
Having said that, I am a fan of innovation. We are working on finding ways to incorporate augmented reality, smart solutions and artificial intelligence to make our services even better and stay future proof. 
Give it a thought 
Transformative coaching is so much more than coming up with action plans. You must know for yourself that sometimes even you have the most amazing plan, you can’t get yourself to act on it. Sometimes, even you have all the information and know-how, you can’t make the decision. Sometimes, even you are certain your stand, you don’t speak up. That’s when coaching comes in.
It allows you to heighten your awareness, discover the gaps and create not only a relevant but most importantly meaningful focus so that your journey of becoming the best version of yourself is engineered for success. 
Get in touch! Cheers. 
Mary Senkowska
CEO & Founder Creative Brain Academy
Certified Leadership Coach

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