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Create My Family, Indy

Create My Family, Indy is a non-profit organization that recognizes the many ways families are created.  We have three main goals:

1.)  To educate the public on infertility.  Currently 1 in 8 couples can't conceive a child naturally, through no choice of their own.  These couples often have to seek the help of medical professionals just to conceive a child. 

2.)  To help fund fertility treatments for local couples.  In Indiana, assisted reproduction costs are anywhere from $2,500-$20,000, depending on the couple and their situation.  Because Indiana does not require their companies to cover assisted reproduction costs in their health insurance plans, these couples have to pay this amount out of their own pocket.

3.)  To support our local LGBT community.  Gay and Lesbian couples can only have children through assisted reproduction, surrogacy, or adoption.  As with hetereosexual couples, the cost of these services keep children out of reach for these couples, further alientating them from society.

4.)  To get Indiana to mandate their companies cover assisted reproduction/surrogacy/adoption coverage in their company insurance policies.

Create My Family, INDY is a volunteer organization.  With zero salaries to pay, we can assure that 100% of your donations go directly to funding to help get nurseries occupied for deserving Indiana couples.


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