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Corset Magazine

CORSET is the go-to magazine for all things sexuality.
We embrace human curiosity.
We honor sensuality.
We celebrate sex.

And we want you to join our movement.

Our magazine is a revolutionary force for empowering, comfortable, and inspiring dialogue about sex. It’s a space for ordinary people to contribute and discuss their desires, questions, and curiosities on their roads to sexual empowerment.

It’s the place where women have their inner sexual thoughts heard, where men can be tender and express their sexual hang-ups, where LGBT readers can experience affirmation, where sex workers and human trafficking activists can strategize for dual-sided legislative protections, where people, in general, can speak and feel respected.

CORSET is the people’s desire for dialogue, manifested. It’s a seed in a growing movement and much needed mainstream shift in sexual consciousness.

Subscribe. Download each issue. Spread the word. Support our movement. We’ve finally arrived.

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