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Corpus GREAT Institutes & Foundation | GREAT Ethical Corpus is a College of Universal Centres of Excllence advocating for a a 21st Century Renaissance for the Sanctity of ALL Human Lives, Global Citizenship Rights, Collective Wellbeing & Peace as Imperatives for a More Perfect Human Civilisation.

Conceptualised at the turn of the Century in 2000, formally incorporated in 2008, GREAT Ethical Corpus has metamorphosized from a Single Issue Equalities Advocacy Group into an International Ethical Corporate with significant history-making achievements.

Corpus GREAT Institutes & Foundation | GREAT Ethical Corpus engages others in Matters of Legitimacy and Difficult Dialogues on the Central Thesis of Leadership Duty of Care for the Protection of the Sanctity of ALL Human Lives, not the least, Humanly Undignifying Matters involving Grotesque Global Citizenship Abuses, Economic Repression of Citizens in Dictatorships and Democracies, Leadership Accountability, Citizens as the Permanent Locus of Power, Governance Responsibility for the Security, Economic and Total Wellbeing of Citizens, Protection of the most Vulnerable in Society, that others would rather be silent on.

In the aftermath of the GREAT Economic Recession which continue to strangulate the Global Economy consequent to the Policy Choices of Governments, Corpus GREAT Institutes is persuaded to engage with matters of Citizens Economic & Financial Inclusion as Taxpayers, Electors and Hirers of Governments and Public Servants and works towards a harmonisation of interests.

Corpus GREAT Institutes & Foundation | GREAT Ethical Corpus is self-funded for over 7 years demonstrating incredible commitment and a culture of independence with incredible achievements. Moving forwards, Corpus GREAT Institutes is now actively looking to engage Inward Investments from External Funders in short, medium to longer term relationships consistent with and proportionate to the enduring character of thematics, horisons, complexities of subjects of activities and value generation to Public Benefit - in the Advnacement of an Inclusive Cohesive Human Civilisation in which Citizens are Active Stakeholders for Sustainable Peace - a Worthy Legacy to Bequeath Future Generations.

The activities of Corpus GREAT Institutes & Foundation | GREAT Ethical Corpus is strategically directed by a Board of Ambassadors and Fellows constituted by established Professionals, supported by an International Advisory Committee.

Corpus GREAT Institutes & Foundation | GREAT Ethical Corpus is keenly aware of the enromity of its objectives but also about the doability of their delivery through Ethical Partnerships with Forces for Good. As such we welcome Partnerships from all of kindred aspirations, ambitions and purpose to maximise postive difference in the Lives of Global Citizens.

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To the Manifest Protection for the Sanctity of Your Life and ALL Lives; towards a More Peaceful, Perfect Human Civilisation.

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