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Coro Center for Civic Leadership

The Challenge

The Pittsburgh region’s economy has outperformed that of the nation as a whole throughout the recent recession. Despite our region’s remarkable transformation over the past thirty years, people and place have been left behind and Pittsburgh is not the ‘most livable city’ for everybody.

In order to bounce back from economic decline, communities need more than financial resources and a strong market position; they need to nurture leadership and foster networks of civic engagement and trust.  People develop skills, confidence, and habits that help them find jobs, spread information, build stronger government, and grow more attached to their communities when those communities are highly engaged, connected, and trusting.

The Role of Coro Pittsburgh

The Coro Center for Civic Leadership, Pittsburgh (Coro Pittsburgh) exists to attract, develop, and retain the next generation of leaders in order to accelerate progress on critical challenges facing Southwestern Pennsylvania’s communities.  We work together with businesses, government, and nonprofit organizations to recruit early career individuals (ages 18-35) who are motivated to become leaders at work and in their community. We engage these individuals in a rigorous leadership training program that accelerates their professional growth while positioning them to take on leadership roles in the community.

Who We Look For

Every year we recruit, select, and prepare 100 next generation leaders (ages 18-35) to move into leadership roles where they will serve to catalyze positive change in the region. We look for those that possess:

  1. Passion for impact – a burning desire to make a difference in the world, a personal sense of mission, and a willingness to commit to a set of ethical values.
  2. Genuine curiosity – a deep desire to think and behave in new ways.
  3. Courage – a high tolerance for emotional and intellectual discomfort, a willingness to be vulnerable for the sake of genuine learning and growth.
  4. Intellectual thread – an interest in a particular topic, theme, or problem of relevance to his/her community, region, or the world.


Coro was founded in San Francisco in 1942 to conduct research and provide experience-based education in effective governance.  A Fellowship in Public Affairs was created in 1947, which quickly developed a national reputation for excellence in experiential learning.  Other centers were established in Los Angeles (1957), St. Louis (1972), Kansas City (1975), and Pittsburgh (1999).  The centers operate independently with a common purpose of strengthening communities and democracy by advancing leaders who share a commitment to civic engagement.

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