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Cornell Cooperative Extension's Back to the Bays Initiative

Since 1985, CCE’s Marine Program has been giving Back to the Bays through science and stewardship driven efforts on land, on the water, and under the water.  For the past 3 decades we've been.....


Improving the water quality of our bays,

Improving habitat availability for our marine species,

Enhancing and restoring stocks of shellfish and finfish species,

Providing meaningful stewardship-based volunteer opportunities to the public,

Educating our youth on the importance of protecting our marine ecosystem,

And ensuring our maritime heritage is preserved for generations to come!


On an annual basis, we produce millions of scallops, oysters, and clams at our hatcheries for use in resource enhancement projects; reach thousands of children though our youth education programming; teach hundreds of families how to grow their own shellfish through our SPAT program; and improve numerous acres of habitat through the eelgrass and coastal plant restoration efforts of our Marine Meadows Program.  Through our newly launched Back to the Bays Initiative, we have made it a priority to engage even more people in our work, and connect individuals of all ages to meaningful opportunities to get involved and give back in support of our bays.  

Your support will help us continue this meaningful work for decades to come so we hope you join us in giving back, and getting back, to the bays!

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