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Cord Ivanyi

Cord Ivanyi began teaching as a graduate student in 1994. His plans were to finish a doctoral degree and settle into a professorial career at a small liberal arts college somewhere cozy. As we know, life usually gets in the way of our best laid plans. After finishing work on his first master's degree, Cord took a side track into law enforcement, working first as a sherff's deputy, then a detention officer and finally, as a juvenile probation officer. Due to his regular presence at a particular Scottsdale alternative school, he made the acquaintance of a visionary principal, who asked him whether he had ever considered being a teacher ...

Fast forward to 2018 and you find an older, wiser, but more creative Cord teaching for his 20th year. and loving it more than ever-with a caveat:

Education needs to evolve. It needs to be more-more creative, more interactive, and more collaborative.

Hence you have Dreamskül, a camp and after school provider that seeks to fuse literature to STEM in the liveliest ways possible. The sky is not the limit, because our imaginations have taken us to the stars. Join us for our activities and let us edutain your children!




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