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"Coordinator" Donna McDowell

"Its our FANS time make a online momentarily donation"  Our *Just for Fun* is Oct. thru Dec. Right here Celebrating webstrem with you! Get your donation choice ready' and we will apply accordingly; check back mission progress by leaving email or text. We are a small developed fundraiser group' Sponsored by a very Highly Celebrated Worldwide Merchant Marketing Co. Called "CASH TEDDY BEAR" We come up with ways too make money for our selfs and others we'd like too share with' we do not treat our talent at this time as a job duty in this fundraiser fanclub; its for fun only' However the The Company that has Sponsored us is just the opposite, its sole purpose is for profiting iinvestments. But as you know we'll just develope too another level of Celebrations' we first started out by having fundraiser card competitions and not we have an opportunity too do more; at stores in our area and we're located for charity sales any where in the state of Washington since 2015. CASH TEDDY BEAR COMPANY has Sponsored this group allowing them a chance too excell in their giftings accordingly, they apply by qualified. Theres no set date to start or finish; my CASH Mascots excell has their talents developes or maybe a place some day on the Market Venue. My adult helps or participants its almost the same. All skills and credintials are applicable for serving in this group. All schedules on saleing and creating fund hangout dates' this is all by choice 'per mission" with Coordinators approvals. Discussion topic presented; by Owner 'DONNA MCDOWELL' since 2013. My email address is 


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