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We're Ellen and Angelique, creators of Conscious World Club, and we’re Amsterdam locals. We met at a Dr. Joe Dispenza meditation retreat in Mallorca, Spain. In Amsterdam, there aren't many meeting-opportunities for people interested in consciousness. 

If you can’t find the meetings, you create them yourself, right? Well, here we are. 

In 2019 three of our favorite teachers are coming to Amsterdam:
- Abraham Hicks
- Dr. Joe Dispenza
- Gregg Braden

We decided to bring this international crowd (you!) together!

See you soon?

Why Conscious World Club?

Imagine you're at a workshop with hundreds or thousands of brilliant minds from all over the world... but you only talk to the person next to you. If you're lucky.

So many people to meet!

We see this as a missed opportunity. You could've met so many new like-minded people, but didn't. That's why these events will generally take place close to the event's date. 

Why waste all this inspiration by going home? It's better to implement the teachings with a group of people and have fun while doing so!

We intend to organize monthly events to build a conscious community. This community will allow you to create new friendships and/or business collaborations.

You are the sum of the people you spend your time with.

Why not spend this time well?

Our events are for you if you...

Invest in your personal growth
Are the change you wish to see in the world
Embody the inner work, not read about it in books.
Own the power to bring positive change through your being
Are spiritual 
Identify as an abundant creator of your own reality
Step out of your habits or programs
Live in a state of freedom and abundance
Cultivate intuition and awareness


Who do we bring together?

People who seek to expand their circle with like-minded people. 
People you thought you'd never get to meet.
People who are brave, and have taken off their masks.

Looking forward to connecting with you during our next event!

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