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Concord Community Concert Association

 The History of Concord Community Concert Association

 The Black Tuesday Crash of 1929 had spread a pall over our town, leaving little to smile about. 

Even the children were sent to work after school, picking up coal along the railroad tracks and selling apples on Main Street. Their teachers worried about them and about the city.  Mrs. Ruth Sanborn, an elementary music teacher, worried that Concord's exciting 1920's music life was lost forever and that youngsters would grow up never hearing live music. Meanwhile in New York, Columbia Artists Management Inc. with a long roster of muscians, but no bookings, had a wonderful solution. CAMI formed a National Community Concert Association, creating a nationwide network of 3,000 small communities. Mrs. Sanborn and her friends signed on as the Concord Communty Concert Association.  Our people got music and the artists got work! Today, Concord is one of only 2 Concert Associations left in New Hampshire. The CCCA is  volunteer-led, and  non-profit.  Every dime raised is invested in bringing quality music to the Concord City Auditorium.


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