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Community of Inspired Women, Inc. |MERGE...merging experiences, relationships, grace, empowerment.

Inspire. Be Inspired. Leave Inspired.

Community of Inspired Women, Inc. (CIW) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization, helping women get from where they are to where they want to be by merging experiences, relationships, grace and empowerment. 

The MERGE mobilizes inspired women in a concerted effort to provide solutions to the vulnerabilities and issues of health, misinformation, self esteem, financial literacy, depression, unemployment, personal development and others which hurt women and families. The butterfly signifies the flapping of our wings to create an atmosphere of transformation! Together we can inspire!


CIW Outreach - The Community of Inspired Women participates in various community outreach programs.  In the past, we have supported the HinesHouse project, Goodwill, Fort Stewart MWR, and more.


A wise person once said, “There are only two ways to influence human behavior:  manipulation and inspiration.  It is better to use inspiration.”  Inspiration comes from the inside and can generate real change on the outside.


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