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Common Bond Institute

COMMON BOND INSTITUTE (CBI) is a US based Non-Government Organization that focuses on increasing local skills and services to promote conflict transformation and social healing, exploring human consciousness and relationship dynamics, and expanding public dialogue and awareness of critical issues. Since 1990 it organizes and sponsors numerous international, inter-disciplinary conferences, professional training programs for local capacity building in human services and civil society, and related research.

CBI provides consulting, coordination, and networking support to assist newly emerging human service and civil society organizations in developing countries, and like-purposed NGOs.

Cultivating the fundamental elements of a consciousness of peace and local capacity building are seen as natural, effective antidotes to hardship and suffering in the human condition, large group despair, and small group radical extremism.

To this end, enabling each society to effectively resolve and transform conflicts, satisfy core human needs within their communities, and construct effective, holistic mechanisms for self determination, self esteem, and fundamental human dignity and worth is the purpose of its work.

CBI is grounded in the application of humanistic psychology’s principles in it’s commitment to capacity building at both the grass roots and social institutional level; providing the individual in society with practical skills and visions for healing and transforming conflict in their daily lives. It is by design highly collaborative and works to actively form strategic alliances and partnerships with like-purposed organizations, groups, and individuals dedicated to nurturing relationships locally and globally in creating and promoting an authentic world culture of peace.

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