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Colorado Haiti Project

The Colorado Haiti Project works in partnership with the special community of Petit Trou de Nippes in rural Haiti.  Our overall mission is focucsed on supporting  the rise out of extreme poverty.  We accomplish this mission through several programs, including an award-winning school, agronomy and vocational programs, and the development of community water, infrastructure, sanitation and health (WISH).  Over the years, we have invested in this community's future.  Some of our most successful projects have included the building of 12 clean water wells.  Previously, a family's children were often tasked with walking miles and miles to carry home gallons of water from local ground sources, which were often vectors for preventable diseases like cholera.  Our school educates hundreds of children from pre-school through middle school, and our schoalrship programs send promising students on for further education in Port-au-Prince, so that they can return to their communities with technical vocations or as teachers.  We believe that sustainable development is a partnership, and we couldn't be more proud of what we've helped this amazing community to build over the past 25 years.  Most importantly, we can't wait to see where these developments take this community, and it's children, in the next twenty-five.

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