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Collaborative Leadership Team, Inc.

We believe that organizations who can quickly adapt to change will lead their industry.


To help organizations work differently, Collaborative Leadership Team provides customized training, coaching, and mentoring.


This will build self-sustaining, learning organizations the can capture any opportunity and overcome any obstacle.


Collaborative Leadership Team (CLT) is the premier Agile Consultancy.  We are different because our Agile Trainers and Coaches combine real-world delivery with in-depth training on Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Lean, Adult Education Techniques, Facilitation, and Team Development.  We bring deep knowledge in Software, Hardware, and Services delivery.  We have experience to prove that Agile can improve any endeavor.

Our mission is to create Learning Teams & Organizations.  Teams and Leaders that are able to adjust to capture an opportunity will prevail.  Agile will help reduce your cost of change - because we all agree that change is the only constant in business.

CLT’s full suite of offerings will prepare Leaders, Teams, and Individuals to strategically approach and execute upon their work differently.  First, we must understand "why" an organization wants to work this way. From there we can agree on how we will measure our progress. This information will allow us to create a customized training plan for the entire Organization. We propose an Agile approach for your Agile training and adoption.


Since 2010, CLT has had a significant impact on the way people and organizations increase productivity and job satisfaction:

  • Over 15,000 Students trained in Agile & Scrum
  • Over 100 Organizations achieving their goals by transforming and adopting Agile & Scrum


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