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To support a Pan-African community of competent, internationally certified IT professionals focused on developing the IT tools for Agriculture, Business, Education, Health Care, Government and general Social needs.


To leverage the rapid development and evolution of the wireless communications and Internet access platform in Africa to educate, certify and continue to support a 1000+ cadre of IT professionals.


  • To educate and accredit 1000 Pan-African software developers utilizing mobile, web and database development platforms by 2016
  • To build capacity by introducing DevHubs across Africa, providing developers an open space to innovate and create solutions that solve problems their community faces.
  • To create, via these solutions, economic development and growth across local communities, including the smallest farmers and businesses.
  • To utilize the Pan-African community of IT professionals to create free Open Source solutions that respond to local African problems and demand.
  • To stimulate growth of the African software industry by tapping into local talent and human resources.
  • To assure the Pan-African community becomes a catalyst, playing a prominent role in providing technology-based tools in Agriculture, Business, Education, Health Care, Government and general Social needs.


Founded in 2009 with branches in the United States, Canada and Africa, CODERS4AFRICA is a full-service software and consulting company specializing in software development for both web and mobile platforms. What started out as an initiative to give back to our communities transformed itself into your one stop shop for software cross-platform development and high quality web and mobile APP solutions to clients across the globe. Coders4Africa is the powerhouse guiding the developers towards their own betterment in promoting creativity while providing a lending hand in becoming the brainpower for the future IT global-outsourcing, software development and training.

Our motto is: "More Than Code. Practical Solutions". To that effect, we have a large and very diverse team of software developers, architects and business analysts that have a combined 40+ years experience in several technologies. We build applications for every need from prototyping for a startup to a full-fledged enterprise mobile solution for big companies with our expertise in handling different mobile platforms such Android, iOS, Blackberry etc. and fully responsive websites with HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript Frameworks

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