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Coaching with S. Justice

BDSM Classes with a focus on Verbal and Psychological skills.  


My name is Simone Justice, I am a former world-class professional dominatrix, among the first 15 people to be inducted into The BDSM Hall of Fame, renowned for my teaching & writing about BDSM.

Now I focus on teaching BDSM skills that I've developed over my years in the international BDSM community playing professionally and in my personal life. I also draw on what I learned for my Master's Degree in Psychology and working in the field as a licensed psychotherapist.

20+ years ago, I started teaching powerful skills in private and group classes, and have an unparalled track record of mentoring pro-dommes to successful careers.  Several of my students are among the current top dominatrixes in the world.

My students range from complete novice to experienced, learning skills for personal and/or professional play to reach their full potential.  

Book your class now. Gain the understanding, confidence and experience to manifest you and your play partner's fantasies.

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