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Author, speaker, mentor, CEO/Founder of Zuriel Leadership & Dare To Be Different International Ministries, a senior leader within the #1 corporation on the Forbes Fortune 500 list, advisor for the Black Chamber of Commerce for Beaufort, advisor for Atiras International Coaching Academy and a brand ambassador for Atiras. She has served in a capacity of leadership for 17 of her 21-year career and has influenced several thousand people through her leadership. She has risen through the ranks by delivering illuminating leadership, which illustrates to people to shake of mediocrity and live up to their greatness. It is a message she has learned from her own life and she is helping others to live their life.
She broke barriers in 2006 in becoming the first African American Female manager in her areas of demographics, changing the course of 20 years of Caucasian male leadership. Her motto for leadership comes from a transformation, do not conform. Being a different leader is who she is. He influenced members of her team to be themselves as they are not meant to be replicas. She knew and understood in leading that if you are called to leadership it is to create, change and move the standard of mediocrity to a standard of excellence.
Shaniequa came from an environment where one would say she should be a statistic, however, in her journey of exploring who she was really designed to be and embracing it, broke barriers in her life and she is now able to share the journey with the world. Shaniequa is strong in her faith and believes all things are possible through Christ. Shaniequa resides in Beaufort, SC. She is happily married to Corey Washington and in union have four beautiful daughters.
Shaniequa started the Dare to Be Different movement in 2013 and she hosted her first conference in 2013. Shaniequa lives to impart, teach and leave her legacy behind. He favorite words of wisdom that reminds her daily of the cost of freedom, freedom to live the life we all deserve is from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’; “One day we will not be judged by the color of our skin but by the content of our character”. She believes we have come a long way but our character has not taken us far enough as a generation. Shaniequa lives to dare the world to see through a different lens, to walk a different walk and impart in a different way in one that encompasses morality, consistency and quality leadership. She believes vision creates paths, paths creates destiny, and destiny leads to the fulfillment of ultimate purpose.

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