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Coach Mac - U.S. Navy SEAL (Ret)

Coach Mac has spent the past 34 years working in the United States and around the globe. First as a U.S. Navy Cryptologist and then as a U.S. Navy SEAL in direct action anti and counter terrorism work and then, after active duty, as a private contractor specializing in hostage rescue (CQC), threat assessment, pedophile prevention and reporting, fugitive and trafficked persons retrieval, weapons and tactics instructor, range safety officer, safety diver and combat swimming instructor.

Coach Mac is the lead mentor/instructor and National Director for the Navy SEAL Candidate program. A diversity program which boasts the highest success rate of any Navy SEAL candidate training program in the country.

Coach Mac delivers security seminars around the country and he maintains a cutting edge understanding of threat assessment and plan implementation and passive & active lockdown techniques and responses to active shooter scenarios, each tailored to fit your environment and your staff abilities as well as being a certified violence preventions specialist which includes rape and domestic abuse prevention, and sexual assault prevention and reporting for minors. He continues to instruct active duty special ops military personnel in these same areas as well as give classes in domestic abuse prevention to military personnel. John brings to the table an unusually advanced understanding of threat assessment, violence prevention response options, executive protection experience and abuse prevention, and security team leadership that he customizes to fit almost invisibly into your professional, educational, religious or government environment.

Additonally Coach Mac trains and mentors Navy SEAL Candidates as well as other Special warfare program candidates and Active Duty Members.  He also works with civlilians in the areas of:

Performance Fitness at every level, Bio Mechanics, Nutrition and Elite Performance Training for Athletes, Professionals and Military Special Warfare Candidates.

Thank you for your interest and for your effort




John B. MacLaren

(Coach Mac)

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