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I stumbled upon the Events Industry in 2009 while looking for a career change from retail management. Not knowing what I wanted to do, I purchased a few books and spent countless hours online to get those ideas rolling. Event planning appealed to my love of fashion, my creativity and the challenge of working 30 plus years in retail management.

My organizational skills, ability to identify priorities, recognize potential problems and initiates corrective measures, ascertain needs and improvements, and bring projects to fruition on time, and attention to detail allow me to execute flawless events leaving the client and guest astounded. Nothing gives me more joy than creating that unique experience for my clients who want to make their event original and utterly unforgettable.

In my free time, I enjoy traveling and shopping, but most importantly spending time with my son Lawrence, my grandson Ezekiel and my pet Bichon Frise, Snowflake.

My faith is my foundation for living, but this quote seems to capture my cornerstone view of life.

Some of us aren't meant to belong. Some of us have to turn the world upside down and shake the hell out of it until we make our own place in it. Elizabeth Lowell, Remember Summer

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