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Claudia aka Chaos of the Muse

I make art from my womb and help women to go back to their center through their feminine cycle. Keep reading to know my story.
I fought an eating disorder during 5 years and after overcoming it, I still had difficulties to cope with everyday situations and life itself. I discovered about women cycles and I started to understand that there was an order behind all the chaos I was experimenting. Then, I made a commitment to myself. I would draw one illustration a day which pictured my mood in relation to my cycle. And this is how Chaos of the Muse, (with the tag “Chaos is an order yet undeciphered”), born. In an attempt to find order behind my chaos. However, the story doesn’t finish here. At this point, magic begins.
As the days went by my illustrations were becoming less dark and more lightful and colourful. The same was happening inside myself. By understanding, discovering and embracing myself I healed. Still in the present, this is a powerful tool I use to be grounded, centered, and to know what happens in my interior at every moment. Nowadays, I sell and exhibit my art, I make streetwear with it, and help women connect with their cycles, heal and understand from there.
Chaos of the Muse Streetwear is a brand that approaches life from a spiritual point of view, yet grounded. Living with the belief that we are souls having a human and physical experience. We believe that the essence of everything is love and that the world would be a better place if everyone was more self-reflective and conscious. We think that 360° abundance should be people's normal state of life and that it can be achieved by mindset. We also believe that laughter is one of the best therapies and that you are the only responsible for what you do with your life. Give the world a favour and make it a good one!
10% of the benefits from the streetwear are given to charity.

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