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Classic Gentleman

Classic Gentleman is a lifestyle brand that borrows couture from times of historical/cultural reform and modernizes it according to times of today. This lifestyle is not about the garments on your back, but the way an individual carries out civic acts of duty for their community on a daily basis. By holding ourselves to a higher standard of fashion, our community strives to end the social ills of society by breaking down stereotypes and uniting cultures through a common goal. 

The Ladies & Gents of the CG movement do this by coming together through fashion, art, activism, education, networking events, content curation, cocktail socials, non-profit events, and more. Our community holds itself to utmost highest standard of individual character and respect toward one another. We hold onto the mindset of our grandparents by clinching onto the values of their generation, and by staying up to date with current global events. 

This mindset has led to our motto, “Stay Classic, Think Modern.”

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