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Clarence Smith

I am Clarence Smith. I am a winner from New Orleans, Louisana. I am a fitness personality, that's living a fit lifestyle. I am the founder of WinnersWin Inc. I organized the winnerswin too fit for summer series within the summer Months of the year. I also orgainzed the too fit for fall series that kicks off October 7.  My vision for starting this too fit training series was to introduce those who desire pursue and have fitness aspirations to living a fit lifestyle. These events teaches you how to get started with this change of going from working out here and there to living a fit lifestyle. A fit lifestyle is a lifestyle that revolves around fitness. When I stay revolves around fitness, I am saying, we engage in some level of fitness ( which could be home training, weight lifting, cardio, aerobics etc) at three - four days out of the week. I am saying no matter how busy we are, we find a way to engage in fitness activties. A fit lifestyle also requires healthy eating, and cutting out things that are bad for you. My goals are to affect as many people as possible with these winnerswin series. My focus is to help train your body and your mind. By doing that you can be the best version of yourself. 

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