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Citizens' Climate Lobby Monterey

We are a local chapter of Citizen's Climate Lobby (CCL), an international organization with 485 chapters in the United States and around the world. CCL works to find a legislative solution to climate change and our goal is to establish at least one chapter in each congressional district in the United States.

Inspired by Dr. Steve Webster (co-founder of the Monterey Bay Aquarium) the Monterey chapter was formed in early 2015 by two dozen men and women committed to improving the health of the planet. We are convinced, based on overwhelming scientific evidence, that global warming is happening and that it is primarily caused by the carbon dioxide (CO2) that is emitted into the atmosphere when we burn fossil fuels. We believe that the best solution for global warming is to put a price on carbon (CO2) as it is burned and emitted according to CCL’s Carbon Fee and Dividend plan.

Our chapter goal is to build political will among local elected officials to support Carbon Fee and Dividend. To reach our goal we raise awareness in our community of the serious nature of climate change especially as it will impact us locally.

We believe that a well-informed and educated constituency will generate local political support for carbon pricing solutions. This, in turn, should generate political will among our Congressional representatives to enact federal solutions that support the U.S.’s global commitments to reduce carbon emissions and preserve a livable future.

Our  approach to climate education is consistently respectful and nonpartisan, designed to create a broad, sustainable foundation for climate action across all geographic regions and political inclinations. By building upon shared values rather than partisan divides, and empowering our supporters to work in keeping with the concerns of their local communities, we work towards the adoption of fair, effective, and sustainable climate change solutions.


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