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Welcome to one of London's fastest growning film community groups. We host on average two types of events every 3 weeks to help connect those in the film industry collaborate and build great works of art but also we help those get their art recognised through our fun screening nights, not to mention our yearly film festival of a selection of short choosen by the public.

The Events


1. Open Mic with Show & Tell:


 Held in a privately rented venue, you will join like-minded people in  (cast to crew) in a fun and friendly, relaxed and well-organised environment with music and our exclusive menu of cocktails and mocktails serve by our very own bartender.

At this event we present you with a microphone to be able to pitch your goals to all the guest of the night and hopefully find that particular talend and skill in film in someone else in the room. 
But there's more! Something expressing yourself verbally isn't enough to get the message across and for that reason we provide a screen to display your trailers, showreels, slideshows including playing an audio sample to help the guest visualise and hear your ideas better.

see the image below of our hired venue:


2. Short Film Screenings:


 We will be screening, through our own projector-screen (and speakers) system, any kind of short film you submit to our email. Everyone in the audience will be given a questionnaire to fill, giving a constructive feedback of the films seen on the night.

As a result the highest ranked films will instantly be entered into our competitions with various prizes.


Did we mention website?

Yes, our website gives you the opportunity to create your own Showreel/CV Profile, completely for free, and you can add that link to your business card if you wish. Also the site will show viewers all the films submitted. Kind of like major players in the streaming world but this time with a fully fleshed out credits information about the people involved.

If it all sounds too good or overwhelming, we get you, it's a lot to take in at first, so best suggestion is to visit any of our two events near Shadwell Station in Central East London.



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