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Cindy Ricardo, LMHC, Certified Mindfulness Teacher

Cindy Ricardo, LMHC, is co-founder, lead facilitator and Certified MindfulnessTeacher (through Engaged Mindfulness Institute), at West Broward Mindfulness Sangha. She's practiced Vipassana/Insight Meditation and Yoga for over 15 years, has attended over 13 Mindfulness retreats at Barre Center for Buddhist Studies, IMS and other Mindfulness Retreat Centers. As part of her dedication to deepening knowledge of Mindfulness and Vipassana/Insight Meditation practices, Cindy attends 2 retreats a year.

West Broward Mindfulness, invites you to join us, as we explore the practice of Vipassana/Insight Meditation and learn to cultivate the wise mind and the compassionate heart, which helps us stay present for all of lifes joys and sorrows.  Join our growing commuinity; attend weekly Meditation circles, residential mindfulness retreats, intro to mindfulness classes or one of our other events.To learn more visit us at