Christine Powell and Jovanna Perez Lydon

CHRISTINE POWELL is a certified yoga instructor and certified holistic health coach. She is passionate about helping individuals discover their truest potential through movement, mindfulness, and healthy living. She takes pride in building an inclusive community empowered by diversity to motivate and inspire individuals in bringing awareness to their dreams, personal values, passion and more. For more information about Christine, visit her website at

JOVANNA PEREZ LYDON is an Integrative Health Coach and founder of Vida Sana Lifestyle, a wellness platform for modern mindful living. She supports individuals achieve a healthy lifestyle by centering mindfulness to cultivate a sense of well-being. Her key areas of coaching themes include Nutrition, Personal Development and Self-Care to help her clients align towards their ideal life with greater clarity and confidence. She offers one on one coaching, group coaching programs and content focusing on healthy sustainable living. If you would like to learn more, please visit her website at