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Christine Grace and Community

Welcome to Christine Grace and Community. Our intention is to create a soft place for you to land – a place where you are warmly welcomed and invited to take great care of your health and wellbeing, and supported in living life more mindfully. Through pausing, even for a moment, we become better able to observe ourselves in relation to our experiences as well as in relation to others. Within the stillness, we begin to hear what we need and long for, and envision the next steps along our desired life path. We practice mindfulness through meditation, as well as giving everyday activities our full attention…driving, walking, showering, listening, or participating in absorbing pastimes and creative pursuits. We are also mindful when we pause to focus on: taking a breath, listening to the sound of a bird singing, gazing at a sunset, savouring a piece of chocolate, or drinking a cup of tea. Join us. Let us support you in living life more mindfully.

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