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Christina Welch | Executive Director + Founding Leader + Independent Stylist | Stella & Dot

After a career in agency and corporate public relations and special events, I gave birth to another title: MOM.  A year after having my first of two sons, I went back to work when an opportunity to do freelance PR and events was offered to me. And while I had loved what I had done professionally prior to having my boys, I began to find myself growing increasingly tired, stressed, and feeling like the freelance world of feast or famine was taking its toll on me. I’d either be working or I wouldn’t be. No in between. I had a moment where I realized that a career that I had loved no longer fit the life I wanted to lead.


Having toyed over my early years as a mom with my own hobby of jewelry (aka…stringing beads), selling a beautiful clothing line from my home, and writing and self-publishing a book about shopping in SA - not all of which were a fit for me, I felt the pull of entrepreneurship where I could call the shots over my time.  Doing something professionally fulfilled me, but having control over my time fueled me to explore. It was during that time that I came across Stella & Dot online -- a business in an industry that if I were to be truly honest, I was skeptical of, but I listened to the whisper in my heart saying “you’ll regret it if you don’t give it a try.” 


A void was filled and a need met - I’ve been able to choose when I work, how much I work, and as my boys have grown, I’ve filled my cup AND I get to be there for the important events and milestones that are important to them and to me. I started part time working alongside my freelance PR projects and grew from there. My business also revealed something that I didn't ever know was missing from my life: empowering and inspiring others. I’ve always been a quote junkie, an inspiration seeker, and a voracious connoisseur of stories that tell the struggle and outcomes of successful people. Now I get to impact others through the platform of Stella & Dot!


My mission today and why I do what I do is that I’m always looking to help people that might be having a struggle like I was. Feeling stuck - whether it’s wanting something to call their own, exploring something they’ve never tried, adding an extra stream of income, or simply wanting to be a part of something that’s uplifting and inspiring - an escape from the daily grind into a world that is built on joy and fun...and a TON of fabulous accessories!

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