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I started my company on the basis of a traumatizing but common experience- breakup with a first love. Though it seems trivial, experiences such as that and more often take a mental toll on an individual and has negative effects on the body, mind and overall quality of life/happiness. I strive to show people that they are not alone in their experiences, contrary to their beliefs. I want to show them alternatives to coping with poor eating, inactivity, drug and alcohol abuse and even suicide. Though my company focuses on physical activity as a form of stress release, I understand that physical activity and fitness is not for everyone; I program with options for those with different interests, such as playing an instrument, coloring or producing art work and more. 

Mental Health Matters first and foremost. Through my company, I hope to help individuals unlock happiness in life. I hope to help individuals #detox their mind and body of any negativity and things preventing them from moving forward. I hope to help individuals #define their life and body in ways they choose rather than by social norms, image, prescribed thoughts or opinions or experiences. Further, I wish to help individuals #unwind, learning to find the positives and seize opportunities to express, experience and live in positive moments, whether it is through physical activty, arts, vacation, spa, you name it. Self-maintenance and preservation is the only way to have a fruitful and quality of life. Let's #GetGutted, #DetoxDefineUnwind and live in peace. 

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