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ChristGiving Outreach Collaboration

Christ-Giving Outreach Collaboration 2016 will provide age-appropriate gifts for children in the following zip codes. The purpose of Christ-Giving is to provide assistance in the form of gifts and food for families who may need a hand-up this holiday season. We will serve families who meet pre-established criteria and live in the following zip codes:

75210, 75208, 75203, 75215, 75211, 75233, 75224, 75216, 75236, 75116, 75249, 75137, 75237, 75232, 75241, 75134, 75115, 75146, 75104, 75217, 75141, 75172.

Incomplete applications will not be processed, so please check a box for each child and include their gender, name, age, and school in separate fields. Non-complete and non-qualifying applications will be cancelled out of the system.

Pre-Registration Verification will be held at the OCBF Church Outreach Center on November 28th, (8:30am-5:00pm), November 29th (8:30am-5:00pm), and November 30th (8:30am-7:00pm). Please bring the requested items (listed on the confirmation email) to 7125 S. Polk Street, Suite #1 (75232) on these dates only.

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