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Christen Bakken

Christen Bakken’s yoga journey began in 1998 in a ridiculously hot Bikram studio in a strip mall in Littleton, CO.  Looking for a sense of structure and security, yoga provided her with a home-base.  As Christen’s journey continued, she never lost sight of a yoga mat as a place to remember her purpose, to listen for higher wisdom, and to find a reason to play.  After completing her 500 hour with Rusty Well’s her classes became infused with a sense of devotion and service and the yoga mat became a place of personal transformation and healing.  Now as a leader of 200, 300, and 500 hour teacher training programs, Christen aims to hold space for yoga to do its work.  Her classes are filled with laughter, song, celebration, and healing.  If you leave with a bead of sweat or a happy tear on your cheek and a sense that everything is going to be okay, yoga has done its work on you.

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