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Chris Slininger D.C.

Dr. Chris Slininger is an Advanced Orthogonal Chiropractor at the Pierce Clinic of Chiropractic as well as a professional teacher and speaker.  His work at the Pierce Clinic is focused on utilize state-of-the-art percussive sound-wave adjusting technology as a modern form of precision chiropractic. Through his work, he has seen many people heal from some of the most complicated health problems by unlocking the potential for the body to heal itself.  This daily observation of the power of the human body spurred the continue pursuit and teaching of the principles that govern health.


Dr. Slininger is a Board Member and Instructor at the Advanced Orthogonal Institute, where he and his team teach doctors and students from all over the world the cutting-edge chiropractic procedure used to unlock this dynamic potential.  His work is impacting practices to strive toward greater levels of consistency and precision in their patient care while remaining true to the central healing principles of our incredible design.


Dr. Slininger has taught and created many teaching programs, lectures and seminars helping both teachers and doctors understand the simplicity of health and understand the principles that fuel it. Dr. Slininger is fueled by the passion to help people experience freedom in their own life by empowering others to take control of their own health.  He is a dedicated Christian who loves teaching about the beautiful creative design of the human body. His goal – to see each individual experience the best health and the greatest freedom possible in their lives.


His style is a fun and exciting take on the principles of health.  He creates a unique blend of paradigm-confronting tension and deep sense of excitement and freedom by challenging our health beliefs at their core.  His one goal at the end of every talk is to help people experience a greater level of freedom by removing the burdens of the old and failed models that have kept us from experiencing our best health potentials.

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