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I am a post-viral anosmic and lost my sense of smell in 2012 after a sinus infection. After some time, I experienced phantosmia, and then parosmia. I now score as "normal" on the Sniffin' Sticks test, but still have some smell distortion.

I became very interested in smell training after it was suggested to me by my ENT. I have experienced a great benefit from the practice, both in terms of my sense of smell as well as my quality of life. I am passionate about helping others discover whether this might help them. When I first lost my sense of smell, there were no resources to help people understand smell training. The researchers seemed to understand it, but not the patients!  Now I run an open access information-based website on the subject, and also a Facebook page called Smell Training. 

I continue to smell train and help others who wish to try this promising therapy.

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