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Chris and Carol Green, Community Life Coaches

Chris and Carol Green are Life & Healing Communicators: authors, speakers, teachers, community life coaches, leadership consultants, ordained ministers, songwriters, poets, intentional listeners, and students of life. They are also traditional marriage & family advisers and human rights advocates. They are a husband-wife team, in the south central Pennsylvania region, who are resigned to a calling to rebuild, restore and renew hearts and homes.

With over 30 years of urban community outreach experience, today they focus most of their energy on helping leaders rebuild, restore and renew their hearts and homes, through their exclusive Innovative Leadership initiatives. They have been equipping and empowering organizations, teams and groups who desire to make a meaningful impact when serving urban families and individuals in diverse neighborhoods.


They created and implemented a proven coaching model that empowers leaders to work through their pain and fears, and make intentional, thoughtful and positive responses to the disappointments or obstacles they are facing in their personal or professional lives.


For their community service, they received a United Way 2017 Volunteer of the Year Nomination. They received Urban Leadership Awards (2016) and Community Ambassador Awards (2015) from iChange Nations™ and were appointed Goodwill Ambassadors of World Peace, as part of an interfaith peace-building initiative to the United Nations, by Golden Rule International.


World Peace Ambassador and World Civility Spokesman, Dr. Clyde Rivers, calls them leading skilled experts in rebuilding, restoring and renewing hearts and homes; and innovators and pioneers in the empowering and equipping of today's leaders.


Chris Green is a social media veteran and an award-winning producer of a local cable TV broadcast (1999). He is the producer/ technical director of 1100+ online videos and 200+ audio podcasts; creator of 15 social media brands; and the designer and host of several business and organization websites.


They are the authors of 14 inspirational and life-building books, and creators and principal writers of several blogs and and eNewsletters. They are also accomplished songwriters, having penned and produced over 150 songs since 1992.

They continued to expand and grow in their professional development through their enrollment in United Graduate College and Seminary International (UGCSI), where they earned certification as master life coaches through its College of Divinity: Educational Department.


In 2016, they received honorary doctorate degrees in Christian Leadership (Chris) and Humanities (Carol) from UGCSI's College of Christian Education. This is a recognized ministry degree that was conferred in acknowledgment of 11+ years of establishing a new urban outreach model that combined Participatory Teaching methods with evidence-based principles of Life Coaching, to produce an effective, quantifiably successful, and family-impacting community outreach in south central Pennsylvania.


In 2018, they received honorary doctorate degrees in Society and Human Rights from Latin University of Theology, an accredited degree by United Association of Christian Churches and Ministries International, that acknowledges 30 years of producing innovative, life-changing outreach models and strategies in the urban community.

They are currently based in south central Pennsylvania where they established several life coaching and community-support services through their non-profit organization, Fruitful Life Network.

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