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Choreo Records Tap Company

Choreo Records was a local Dallas vinyl record company in the late 50s-early 80s owned by dance legend Buster Cooper.Choreo recorded original compositions featuring local jazz artists of the time and distributed them to dance studios and performance companies nationwide. After Buster’s death, granddaughter Keira Leverton reestablished the company with a youth ensemble whose mission is to preserve Choreo’s music and Buster’s choreography and continue the work Buster did for the artistic community in Dallas. In the two seasons of Choreo Records Youth Ensemble’s existence, the works have always challenged the boundaries of dance performance and tap dance as an instrument. Students study not only tap but musicality and acting, in order to bring fully realized collaborative works to the stage. In a time where a degree in tap dance is becoming an offering in select jazz programs across the nation, Choreo Records feels not only obligated but thrilled to transform the way that tap dance (the only American indigenous form of dance) is viewed and practiced.

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