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We are a bunch of Jewish guys, having fun doing Jewish things. We have made lifelong friends; network with guys who share the same interest or can provide guidance in a variety of settings, or who just like to have fun. We get together over a beer and burger, over scotch and steak, and over a bunch of snacks watching a ball game. It’s true, meat and beer (or bourbon or scotch) factor into it. But we do have fun, and we do some interesting things, and we do provide a vital service to the synagogue.


 Together, we sponsor blood drives; visit the sick; provide minyan leaders for the bereaved; build sukkot; and engage in serious discussions about being a man in an increasingly egalitarian world. We cultivate volunteers and train leaders; find jobs for those in need; sponsor parent child activities and athletic events; help families learn to make Shabbat, read Hebrew, commemorate Yom HaShoah, and put on tefillin. We help raise needed funds for our synagogue, our community, and the global Conservative/Masorti Movement.


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