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Chinese Coffee Club

华人咖啡俱乐部是一个年轻有活力,积极进取友爱互助的华人社区平台。俱乐部通过举办丰富多彩的各种线下主题活动和线上的信息分享及经验交流鼓励会员们锻炼社交能力,提高交流沟通技巧,增强自信心,培养组织及领导力,拓宽视野和人脉,提高职业发展, 寻找事业合作机会等等。俱乐部的使命和愿景是鼓励华人抱团取暖,携手共赢,由此而提高海外华人的地位。

New York Chinese Coffee Club is a young and energetic, active and enterprising Chinese community platform. The club encourages members to exercise social skills, improve communication skills, enhance self-confidence, cultivate organization and leadership, broaden horizons and contacts, and develop careers by organizing a variety of offline thematic activities, online information sharing, political debating, and various career development opportunities and so on. The mission and vision of the club are to cultivate the culture for Chinese to work together, learn together, and grow together to raise Chinese oversea status. 


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