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華府國建聯誼會 Chinese-American Professionals Association of Metropolitan Washington, D. C.

The Chinese-American Professionals Association (CAPA) of Metropolitan Washington, D.C. celebrated its 33rd session since its inception.  CAPA DC was established in September of 1975, as an organization for Chinese-American scholars who participated in advisory and fact-finding missions for the construction and development of the Republic of China during 1970’s.  The missions were carried out in the format of conferences and visits, which were held on as-needed basis annually; the resulting input  were deemed valuable as it helped in shaping a series of major national policies. Several CAPA chapters were formed throughout the USA by these scholars, although the mission program terminated in the 90’s, CAPA DC among them.  
Individual CAPA chapters hold conferences in the US, in order to continue with the spirit of the original intention; namely: to offer recommendations on a constructive basis when it is timely and pertinent. At times, major conferences were organized with joint efforts of several chapters. CAPA DC was the host for one such major conference, the Chinese American Academic and Professional Convention of 1999, with a number of high ranking officials of the Republic of China and many CAPA members participated.
While CAPA DC has held annual conferences, its membership has grown to about 300 from 200.  As the mission program ended, CAPA DC by-law has been amended in 1999 to admit new members who are professionals of notable qualification and of Chinese decent, working in the greater DC area. Thus CAPA DC is sustaining its tradition as an organization with an explicit interest in the well being of the Republic of China, in areas of culture, education, social-economics, and science and technology.  With the diverse professional expertise of its membership, CAPA DC is in a pivotal position to continue rendering its service as a think tank par excellence for consultation, through open forum, conferences, and study sessions.

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