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Children of the Father Foundation

Mr. Mullen was appointed by the International Private Association of the Faithful (The bylaws of the Association were originally approved by Cardinal Bernardino Ruiz and further approved by Cardinal Peter Erdo and other Bishops around the world) to be the National Coordinator of the Flame of Love Movement in the United States. 

The International Private Association intends to seek status as a Public Association of the Faithful.  Cardinal Erdo is the proper, local ordinary of the Messages and Spiritual Exercises, which he has approved with his Imprimatur. 

Cardinal Erdo has urged all to know and practice these Spiritual Exercises,  and has called the Grace "a new possibility for the Church" and …"a gift from God"; while stating, "as a conclusion, our Church recognizes as authentic, in accord with the Catholic Faith, all of the material in the Spiritual Diary (of Elizabeth Kindelmann)."

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