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Chickens And YOU™

Chickens AND YOU™ is a project of the Gossamer Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to Global Sustainability and Local Foods.

There is so much new information about family flocks, that the learning curve for the majority of our population starts with never having seen, or touched a live chick—to keeping and employing a family flock.

The old ways of chicken keeping are not the best ways. And the commercial ways of chicken husbandry are completely different from keeping family flocks. Micro-flockchicken husbandry has evolved with many new ways that are more sanitary, safer, and productive. That's why we created The Chickens and You™ training series, so that folks can easily have access to courses, and learn first hand the humane, and cutting-edge ways and advantages of micro-flock poultry management.

After completing the specified classes, and passing an exam, participants are awarded the Backyard Chicken Keeper Certification (with a diploma suitable for framing). Advanced classes and projects lead to the estemed Master Backyard Chicken Keeper Certification (also with a diploma suitable for fraiming).

To arrange for courses in your area, or for registration, contact: Lisa Dearden. (804) 314-9141, email:

Questions about workshop content, custome programs or consulting services, contact:  Patricia Foreman, Phone & fax: (540) 261-8775, email:

Questions about textbooks and training materials contact:

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