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Chicago IANDS began in May 1998, to provide a support and study group for those who have had a Near-Death Experience or are interested in the subject. An independent, 501 (C-3) not-for-profit organization, its primary focus is to help people lose their fear of death.  During the study of Near-Death Experiences, it soon becomes apparent that no one dies.   The body dies, but the soul or spirit continues on, feeling much the same as it did while in a body.

It is now estimated that there are over 25,000,000 near-death survivors in the United States, which is about 10% of the US population. These experiences often leave the experiencer with an expanded sense of reality which can often be better understood by sharing with others. Talking about an experience and/or listening to others talk about their experiences has a profound healing effect on many who participate.  For more information about Chicago IANDS, visit our website HERE.

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