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Chesapeake Women's Network - Queen Anne's

Since the conception in 1986, Chesapeake Women's Network is where professional women network. Over 100 business women strong, we gather together first and foremost to network and discuss anything from economic development in Queen Anne's County to tips on how to manage family, a household, care for our aging parents AND be a driving force in our career and business. We learn from each other’s mistakes. We cheer for each other during our times of success. We are a network group that supports and encourages our members to keep focused on their personal goals and encourage other women to achieve theirs as well.  Yes, we can accomplish these things on our own; however, when women network together, it is a powerful combination.

It's the quality of the women in our network that is amazing. We are the movers and shakers in our community and when we move and shake together as a group, we can accomplish anything.

CWN's prides itself on our yearly scholarship that is awarded to women who have decided to continue their education for various reasons. Over the years, we have award scholarships to women who are single mothers, wives caring for a sick spouse, abused women trying to break the dependent cycle all while they are holding down a job and going to school.  Their stories are poignant testimonies to the invincible spirit of women.  

CWN pays it forward and the feeling of seeing these women accomplish their goals with our help is simply inspirational!

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