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Chaptr Global

Chaptr Global is a venture educating young Africans on emerging technologies such as Data Science, Blockchain Development and Web Development. Aspiring learners can enroll in our 6-month bootcamps or short-term courses and get equipped with technical skills to land them a decent tech job both locally and internationally. Our programs involve virtual and interactive learning where you learn in cohorts of other budding developers through live workshops and prerecorded lectures, weekly and capstone practice projects to put your learned skills into practice, and finally we connect our graduates to potential employers through our professional development programs.

Beyond our commitment to creating future technology innovators through our educational programs, our main vision is to decentralise access to quality tech education in the African continent. That is why we offer income-share agreements for learners who cannot afford our upfront fees. Through our ISA, you enroll, learn first and only pay us gradually once you have landed that dream technology job. To learn more about us, visit our website and explore our open programs and available financing options.