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Certification Planner(CP) is North America's most substantial training and certification provider. Offering guaranteed to run in-person and online live classes every week in over 120 cities. We offer career-defining, advanced, and trending subjects from different work spectrum like Project management, Quality Management, IT Services and Management, DevOps, Digital Marketing, etc.

CP is trusted by fortune 500 companies from across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. With our clients at heart, we strive to bring result-oriented training delivery to our clients. Having trained over 45,000 professionals, CP maintained a 98.23% success rate in both in-house and 3rd party examination.


250+ certified instructor to support our training delivery

Trained and supported 2000+ Veterans and their families in transitioning to the corporate world.

CP has trained 45,000+ professionals just like you.

Rated 5 stars for excellent course delivery, instructor domain knowledge, approved courseware, and post-workshop support.

Certification Planner was awarded as “North Americas Most Trusted Training and Certification Provider – 2018.”

Certification Planner was awarded as "Top 50 Education Provider by Global Forum of Education and Learning(GFEL) in Le Meridien, Dubai on December 16th, 2019.

Some of our reviews:

Scott gross, Personal Manager training: CP accommodated all our requests and was able to customize a learning plan for our company that fits perfectly with the mindsets of our employees. Thank you!

Milena Hessen, Industrial Relations Manager: Excellent work from CP. Assisted us immensely with a high-level training program to 20 of our employees. We will assign them to all our future training….Thank you once again.

Kevin Tomlinson, Quality Supervisor: Well structured course design, helped me quite a lot with the fundamentals and a decent learning faculty

Michael Savage, Construction Manager: Completed my PMP training with them and all I can say is that if I decide to pursue any future certifications I am knocking on their doors again…. hope this explains my review:-)

Dan Greenberg, Manufacturing Technician: Wonderful course! The instructor got to the point and covered everything you should know for quality control. They were also very responsive and helpful, which is something I'm most thankful for. Thanks again, CP.

Jason tilbury, Operations Manager: The dual learning was quite a complex course as we were introduced to the basics of LSS and the advanced studies as well, but the instructor did an excellent job in delivering the subject clearly, and professionally the balance between both the methodologies was maintained quite well.

What is our Vision?

At CP, we believe in achieving sustainable growth by upgrading the skill set of our clients. We help organizations retain talent and upskill them to overcome hiring and economy competition. Being a responsible training company, we are highly client-centric, and all the initiatives at CP begin with the question, “how can we deliver better to our participants and create a happy learning experience?”

What do we offer?

We continuously strive to provide an array of training options that have been fine-tuned and optimized by industry experts. To make training more accessible and convenient, we offer a blended model of training. Choose from Online Self-Study; Instructor let Online Classroom Training, Instructor-led In-Person Classroom Training solutions. End to end feedback ensures the maintenance of optimal quality.

Inspiring Quote:

“There may be people that have more talent than you, but there’s no excuse for anyone to work harder than you do.

Derek Jeter

Address: Certification Planner, LLC 2150 South 1300 East Suite 500, Salt Lake City, UT 84106

Tollfree: 855.322.1201

Website: www.certificationplanner.com

Email: Support@certificationplanner.com

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