Centre for Education and Training

The Centre for Education and Training (CET) is a department of Ballarat Health Services (BHS).

It is our mission to provide a significant contribution to the ongoing improvement of quality, safety and health outcomes of regional health care recipients through innovation and excellence in health education.

By being responsive to trends in the workforce, we aim to build and support the clinical skills and professional development of current and future health care professionals, ensuring the delivery of patient focus and person centred care.

Evaluation, research and quality improvement are key drivers, matching workforce supply and skills with demand through education.

CET Values

Team Work: Training together in order to work together is fundamental to what we do.

Integrity: Ensuring that every educational experience is of the highest quality.

Learner focused: Learners are supported by teaching that is flexible, creative,

non-judgemental and engages in a high challenge, high support environment.

Motivation: We understand authenticity in experiential learning and how it can contribute to behavioural change and enhanced practice 

Ballarat Health Services

BHS is the main public referral health service to a catchment population of around 250,000 people across the Grampians region and has been providing quality care for more than 160 years.

BHS delivers care across all settings: in hospital and increasingly, in the community and people’s homes. BHS is the largest public provider of residential aged care in Australia. Additionally, BHS is the main teaching, training and research provider in the region and does this through affiliations with several universities and teaching institutions.